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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Flemington Life, check out the Frequently Asked Questions below.  If you don’t find an answer to your query below, please send your questions to info@flemingtonlife.com.au

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    What is Flemington Life?

    Flemington Life is a proposed residential project that will be a part of the vibrant local community surrounding Flemington Racecourse.

    The proposed plans for Flemington Life are seeking to allow for residential development on two parcels of freehold, surplus land adjacent to the racecourse. The proposed development will also provide commercial, retail and community amenities.

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    What will the proposed development be?

    The proposed plans are subject to the necessary government approvals.  At this stage, there will be a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments and townhouses, as well as retail, commercial and community facilities.

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    Who is behind Flemington Life?

    The Victoria Racing Club (VRC) has submitted proposed plans to the Minister for Planning for Flemington Life to make two parcels of surplus, freehold land adjacent to Flemington Racecourse available for residential development supported by commercial, retail and community facilities.

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    Who is the VRC?

    The Victoria Racing Club (VRC) has a long and proud history. Located at Australia’s most famous racecourse, Flemington, the VRC continues to uphold the traditions that have made it Australia’s premier racing club.

    Each year the VRC hosts the Melbourne Cup Carnival, Victoria’s most successful event for attracting interstate and overseas visitors to Melbourne. Its vision is to ensure that Flemington, Melbourne and Victoria are seen as the home of the world’s greatest carnival centred on thoroughbred horse racing.

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    What is being sold by the VRC?

    The VRC is selling two parcels of freehold, surplus land including a site at Epsom Road (1.05ha / 10,500 sqm) and the Flemington Hill (3.01 ha / 30,174sqm) situated between Flemington racecourse and Melbourne Showgrounds.  See the map here.

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    Why is the VRC selling the land?

    The VRC is pursuing this opportunity to help fund infrastructure upgrades at Flemington Racecourse to secure its future as a world-class entertainment venue and allow it to continue to provide greater benefits to Victoria and the wider community, racing industry and event patrons.

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    Who has been consulted for feedback to date?

    The VRC has undertaken consultation with local councils, state government departments, transport authorities, community groups and the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, which operates the Melbourne Showgrounds.  On direction of the appointed Advisory Committee, VRC has also shared its proposed plans during public exhibition from 11 January to 19 February where it held two information sessions to provide the public a chance to discuss Flemington Life with the project team.

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    Who has the authority to approve the proposed plans?

    The Minister for Planning is the responsible planning authority for the land that Flemington Life occupies.

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    What is an Advisory Committee?

    Following a request from the VRC and with the support of both Melbourne and Moonee Valley Councils, the Minister for Planning established a Ministerial Advisory Committee to advise on the draft Planning Scheme Amendments to facilitate the development of surplus, freehold land at Flemington Racecourse.  For more information on the Advisory Committee, click here.

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    What are the next steps in the approval process?

    The Advisory Committee completed the public hearings in early April 2016 and is planning to submit a report with its recommendations on the appropriate planning controls to the Minister for Planning in June 2016.

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    How will Flemington Life benefit the community?

    The ‘inner city’ areas of metropolitan Melbourne are projected to experience a significant increase in resident and worker population over the next 35 plus years. A share of this growth will be accommodated in the Flemington-Kensington locality.

    Consistent with Plan Melbourne, the proposed use of the land for residential uses will help meet the needs of Victoria’s growing population, taking the pressure off more established neighbourhoods and reducing the pressures for urban sprawl.  The subject sites present an opportunity for an intensity of residential development that would not be possible on the majority of sites within Flemington.

    In addition, the proposed rezoning is anticipated to have a number of positive social and economic impacts including:

    • The creation of new jobs during the construction and operation phase of the development;
    • Accommodating Melbourne’s growing population on a site with: direct access to the Central City and major employment opportunities; immediate access to the Racecourse Road Activity Centre. The opportunity for development of accommodation opportunities within an area that is proximate to community facilities, open spaces areas and a range of public transport options;
    • The development of the land as a mixed-use development, providing a range of dwelling types supported by limited commercial and retail offerings at the site;
    • Providing new (limited) commercial and business opportunities;
    • Stimulating flow-on investment in the Flemington/ Melbourne Showgrounds activity precinct and wider locality; and
    • The sale of the rezoned surplus land by the VRC will in turn assist in the construction of a new members grandstand and the continuing improvement of the racing precinct and events, in particular the Melbourne Cup Carnival. This investment will provide state level benefits to the wider Melbourne economy, generating significant new jobs, investment and tourism.

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    How will the development affect the local community?

    The VRC estimates the development will create approximately 1,800 jobs, directly injecting $625 million to benefit the construction industry, with a substantial flow-on to the local area and to the state of Victoria.

    The VRC is continuing to work with the City of Moonee Valley and City of Melbourne on determining what community facilities could be provided on-site.

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    Will Flemington continue to operate as a racecourse?

    The VRC has been custodian of Flemington Racecourse and the Melbourne Cup for more than 150 years and providing a superior race day experience continues to be at the heart of the business.

    The VRC is committed to ensuring any development on land aligns with its commitment as a world-class race club.

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    How can the community provide its feedback?

    The formal submission period closed on 1 March.  However, the VRC values the community’s opinions and invites them to share their views through a number of channels:

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