Flemington Life


Flemington Life is a project led by the Victoria Racing Club (VRC), the custodians of Flemington Racecourse, which has the unique opportunity to make two parcels of freehold, surplus land available for residential development to accommodate population growth and community needs.

Since 1861, the Flemington Racecourse has been the home of the Melbourne Cup and progressively evolved into the world-class racing precinct it is today. Looking forward, envisioning Flemington as a stage for urban renewal provides the opportunity to create new places and enhance the vibrant community at the edge of the racing precinct.

The VRC’s proposed plans for residential development on the two freehold sites (Flemington Green and Epsom) align with Plan Melbourne and wider state policies to accommodate major future population growth in Melbourne’s inner northwest by taking the pressure off more established neighbourhoods and reduce urban sprawl.

The proposed plans have been designed to complement the ongoing activities of the larger entertainment, recreation and leisure precinct surrounding Flemington Life.

The VRC is pursuing this opportunity to help secure the future of Flemington Racecourse as a world-class entertainment venue and allow it to continue to provide greater benefits to Victoria and the wider community, racing industry and event patrons.

Just as Flemington Racecourse does, Flemington Life will deliver strong economic and social benefits to the local community and the Victorian economy.  It is estimated that the project will generate approximately 1,800 jobs, directly injecting $625 million into the economy.

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